Useful Links

DEFRA Code of Practice for the Welfare of Privately Kept Non-Human Primates (2009) – PDF

IPS International Guidelines for the Acquisition, Care and Breeding of Non-Human Primates (2nd Ed. 2007) – PDF

NC3Rs Guidelines: Primate Accommodation, Care and Use (2006) – PDF

H. M. Buchanan-Smith (2011). Environmental Enrichment for Primates in Laboratories. Advances in Science and Research, Open Access Proceedings, 5, 41-56 – PDF

EAZA Husbandry Guidelines for Callitrichidae (2nd Ed. 2010) E. B. Ruivo (Ed.) Published by Beauval Zoo, France – PDF

Enrichment for Marmosets and Tamarins (Callitrichids) (2005) J. A. French and J. E. Fite, Callitrichid Research Center, University of Nebraska at Omaha – PDF

Joint Working Group on Refinement (2009). Refinements in Husbandry, Care and Common Procedures for Non-human Primates: Ninth Report of the BVAAWF/FRAME/RSPCA/UFAW Joint Working Group on Refinement (M. Jennings and M. J. Prescott, eds). Laboratory Animal, 43 (Suppl 1): S1:1–S1:47 – PDF

Prescott, M. J., Bowell, V. A. and H. M. Buchanan-Smith (2005) Training Laboratory-housed Non-human Primates, Part 2: Resources for Developing and Implementing Training Programmes. Animal Technology and Welfare, 4, 133-148 – PDF

BPRC’s Enrichment Manual for Macaques and Marmosets (M. K. Vernes and A. L. Louwerse). A copy of this manual is available free of charge but must be requested at the EUPRIM-Net-website.

PhD Thesis: C. F. I. Watson (2011) – Social Contagion in Common Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus): Implications for Cognition, Culture and Welfare (See especially ‘Introduction’ and ‘General Methods’) PDF | Electronic Appendices

There is a Google Group called ‘Callitrichid Husbandry Association’ where questions concerning marmosets can be posted. To apply for membership, click here.