Care in Captivity

How can you best look after common marmosets in captivity? It is not easy to look after wild animals in captivity because they need specialised care.

This section of the site provides information on how to optimise the captive environment. The key concepts of complexity, control, choice and novelty are introduced.

Advice is given on how to improve the social, physical, cognitive, dietary and sensory aspects of life in captivity.

This section also explains why common marmosets do not make good pets.

Social Factors

Companionship is vital to marmosets. How best to group them and advice on breeding

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Ideas for how to keep marmosets busy and their minds challenged

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How to create a positive impact of human interaction on marmosets

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Handling & Training

How to handle and train marmosets

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What to check for to assess marmoset health

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Unsuitable Pets

Why marmosets make unsuitable pets

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